July 23, 2015 Sally Dee

Dating Advice 101: Finding the Fairy Tale

Relationship counseling is better than a dating site!! I will help you find the BEST person for you by helping you understand you.  We will explore who you are, what you want in a relationship and how your previous experiences imprint your decisions now. This is the dating advice you have been looking for!


You can then use the information from our counseling to meet someone online that fits what you want in a new relationship. In fact, I will even help you write a dynamic profile for the online dating sites, assuring that you draw in a better mix of people that suit you.


Here’s the work:

One of my clients pushed hard to stop dating a very nice man, one who treated her better than anyone else had. I pushed back saying that she should stay a little while longer. He remained patient as she tried to figure out if he was the right person.  Finally, she realized that he was the one she wanted to share her stories with at the end of the day. Once she realized that she looked forward to seeing him and talking with him, she knew he was the right fit for her. They have recently moved in together with the goal of marriage. To find the right relationship, you often have to learn to be patient and not expect sparks to fly suddenly.


That is what fairy tales are about! I will help you find your real-life fairy tale romance


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