May 1, 2015 Sally Dee

Dating Again: What do you want to do differently?

No matter what age, dating after being in a long-term relationship can feel like a huge adventure requiring heroism and bravery, much like if you were to repel on a zip line across the Costa Rican jungle. There is this moment when you are about to repel across where the stomach quivers, the mind doubts and, for a second, you think of bolting back to the beach. But if you secure your harness and choose to go for it, the results can be exhilarating.


Much like dating again, scary but with the potential to propel you towards more happiness than you could ever imagine.

The big question when you are dating again is “What do you want to do differently this time????”

Each person is going to have different answers and will really need to assess their behaviors and how that impacts dating and ultimately their next relationship.


If you are new to the scene and have been in a long term relationship, I highly advise seeking counseling if you have not already. Sitting with a professional will help you in answering the question above. You will get some guidance on how to peer into your past and use it as information on how to build your new future. I have a 6 point system that I use when meeting with clients who are ready (or not sure if they are ready yet) for dating.

Joyful Dating Program

When you address these six topics with honesty, you will set the course for a new journey into love and romance that may be more rewarding than expected.

6 week coaching program is in-office or via Skype. Call me at 813-431-0797 for free consultation.

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