April 13, 2015 Sally Dee

Understanding YOU Leads to Better Relationships

WHO ARE YOU??? Understanding YOU Leads to Better Relationships


We typically want to answer this with a label such as… “I am a mom” or “I am a hard worker”, but knowing yourself requires digging past the labels. Knowing yourself means that you understand how you live your life each moment.


It means knowing how the past is clinging to you right now intruding into your perceptions and judgements. Some of the labels you might put on yourself could be based on what someone from your past thought of you, not even anything to do with who you really are today.


Not only do you have to look at the past, but you also need to see how worrying about the future is imprinted into your decision making right now. Chronic fear and doubt about the future can self-sabotage your happiness today.


When you look deep into the question of who you are, it is easy to see how your thoughts on YOU are going to have huge effect on your dating life and the type of relationships you will have.


When you know yourself better, you find people that fit with the true YOU better. You find people that hold similar values, beliefs and interests. You also start to see where your own habits of self-sabotage or these cycles of past/future permeate your life and can be detrimental to your happiness in a relationship.


To know yourself means being confident enough to see your faults with a sense of honesty and maybe even a bit of humor. Once you know yourself better, you may need to say sorry more often or listen to others with more attention. But the more you understand who you are, the more you establish self-trust. You KNOW Yourself.


This self-trust starts to guide you in relationships. You know what you can do, what adventures to take, when you need rest, when you need alone time, and you know when you are in love. Knowing yourself and trusting yourself is the key to successful relationships and long-term happiness.


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